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World Reflexology Week 2015

(September 21st- 27th)


Join Us…For a Healthier World

Reflexologists worldwide are celebrating and participating in World Reflexology Week, last full week of September 2015, to raise awareness of the health benefits of reflexology.

Reflexology Awareness

Together we can promote greater public awareness of reflexology. It will generate more health conscious minds, a greater understanding for holistic and complementary health care, and more successful businesses for todays profes­sional Reflexologists.

Members, we hope you will plan at least one activity and schedule it sometime during the last week of September so you can be part of this global awareness. Help spread the good news about the benefits of reflexology!

Activity Ideas: Demonstrations, Taster Sessions, Have a open House Day, Give seminar, Athletic Fundraiser, give aways.

 Why get involved?


Exposure! A successful business is based upon filling a need and marketing that service.

Gratification! Feel satisfied knowing you have joined together with reflexologists worldwide to spread the benefits of reflexology… for a healthier world.


NB: Remember to promote your events with the local media (newspapers, magazines, radio, television, etc).