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Guidelines to Creating and Conducting a Network

Why does a reflexologist need a network?

The role of a reflexologist can sometimes be a lonely one. It is sometimes a great relief to relax with fellow therapists, to talk about interesting or problematic cases, to share experiences and through discussion/demonstration widen and enrich one’s own understanding and knowledge of reflexology.

A network is a small group of roughly twelve practitioners (Minimum 5) in a local area who meet regularly to support and inspire each other. These meetings can sometimes create time for a treatment swapping session, (which we all need on a regular basis in order to revitalise ourselves).

Each network has a group leader who should help create a sense of communication and support for each other by guiding the participants through the aims of networking for reflexologists’.

Networks are particularly important to recent graduates who may need the support. Alternatively graduates can also feel free to start a Network if none exists in their area.

Network meetings are happy times with laughter, fun, camaraderie, at the end of which we go our separate ways feeling supported and replenished.

The Aims of a Reflexology Network:

  1. To support fellow practitioners and inspire each other in our work as reflexologists.
  2. Sharing treatments with each other to replenish energy. This can be done at a network meeting when all are gathered together.
  3. For members to develop their knowledge and skills through discussion and skills and sharing of experiences. This helps the practitioner to maintain standards, on-going development of skills, and a professional image as reflexologists.
  4. To provide opportunity to become familiar with and respect the different forms and styles of reflexology.
  5. To bring awareness of the benefits of reflexology to the general public by:
    a) Giving talks and demonstrations on reflexology when requested.
    b) Helping to man stands at health fairs and exhibitions.
    c) Providing information on the benefits of reflexology to the medical profession, schools, health centres and other commercial organisations in your locality.
  6. To link practitioners, students and teachers of reflexology in a local area and to support the objectives of the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute.
  7. To enable members to draw on each other’s skills by referring clients to one another when appropriate.
  8. To report the activities of the network and any interesting happenings to the IRI Administrator (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and Journal Editor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for publication in the Network News section of our Journal “Feet First”.

The role of a Network Leader:

A network leader must be a current member of the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute. The Network leader must also register the Network with the Institute to ensure that its members receive CPD points/credits and that the Network is listed. This leader organises regular meetings of reflexologists in a local area. These local networks should be self-financing.

The purpose of these local network meetings is:

  1. To meet with other reflexologists in the local areas and share experiences while exercising the aims and guidelines of networking.
  2. To exchange reflexology treatments with each other.
  3. To encourage each other to pursue Continuous Professional Development (CPD) by attending the various courses and workshops which are given on the IRI website and in the quarterly ‘Feet First’ Journal. Our Website address is www.reflexology.ie
  4. To arrange local activities to benefit the members, the public, the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute and reflexology itself.

Note: Non IRI members may be included but Non-members of the Institute may not participate in activities where the Network is officially representing the Irish Reflexologists’ Institute. In all activities carried out by the network they must abide by the Code of Ethics and Practice of the Institute. Network leaders should inform on the benefits of joining the Institute. Membership Forms are available on the website.

Networking Tips

Start-up. New network coordinators: Ensure to get Names/Addresses/Home phone number/ mobile number of each person

Network Guidelines

  • If there is no Network in your area, why not set one up yourself?
  • A network leader must be a current member of the IRI.
  • Download “Guidelines for creating and conducting reflexologists’ networks” on our download area (available after member login only). When you have read the guideline and have have decided on a date & venue then contact the administrator and register your network.
  • If your network is listed below then it is registered. If not, you need to contact the administrator ASAP to register your network.
  • Please ensure a record of attendance is taken at every meeting. This may be inspected by the CPD committee.

 PD Credits for Network Meeting Attendance

  • Setting up a network    30 credits (once off)
  • Organising a network meeting    10 credits
  • Attending a network meeting    10 credits
  • Attending a network meeting with treatment swap or speaker    20 credits Max.
  • Giving a talk at a network meeting    30 credits

See CPD explained in the Training and Education section for more details